CpmFetch Installer for release 1.9.12

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Test images - found a total of 6578 images:
If all went well, you will see some random images from your gallery displayed here. If not, you may in fact have a problem and will need to seek help by clicking here.

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These images were found and displayed by using the following PHP code:

  include "./cpmfetch.php";
  $objCpm = new cpm("./cpmfetch_config.php");

Please note: Unless you are running this code from the same directory as the cpmfetch_config.php file, you need to alter that path so it can be found. The same goes for the include statement.

For example, if you want to add these images into your home page and your cpmfetch directory is inside your gallery directory (which is named gallery) it would look more like this:

  include "./gallery/cpmfetch/cpmfetch.php";
  $objCpm = new cpm("./gallery/cpmfetch/cpmfetch_config.php");

Please see the web site or the included documentation for more information.

CpmFetch draws configuration information from your CPG database when this installer is run. If you make any significant changes to the CPG configuration, you will need to re-run this installer. Most changes to the CPG config will not require this to be done. Some times that you may want to include:

  • You've made changes to the Coppermine Photo Gallery configuration
  • You've messed up the cpmfetch_config.php file beyond repair
  • Bridged CPG with a forum of some sort

Debug Information:
If you have problems with this installation, you may be asked to provide all or some of the following information. Support for CpmFetch is handled on the Coppermine Photo Gallery forums in this particular board.

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